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Welcome to where reality is for people with no imagination.

We specialize in costume wings (which you can find in this shop), origami favor boxes and garlands, bottled magics, ear cuffs, henna, and tinker with painting and sewing (which all will be available soon in sister shops).

At a future date we may split into multiple shops as our creations are becoming more stylized in each category. If we do you can find links to the other shops here.

We do a lot of events and fairs throughout the year. If you would like to find out what we are up to check out our blog at There you will find our most recent bits of mischief, gift guides and features, tutorials, and an inside look at our processes.

Shipping details

Rushed shipping is available. The price will vary on the order, and we pull our shipping estimates from based off the destination, weight and package dimensions. Average shipping time is 1-2 weeks with regular shipping and 1-3 days with rush (we use USPS Express Shipping for our rush, which while they guarantee next day we have found this isn't always the case so plan 1-3 days not overnight). If you have paid for rush shipping and it does not arrive within 3 days of being shipped we will refund the shipping.

Please include build time for made to order and custom items. These usually take 7 to 14 days. It may take less, but during October and May expect it to take 2 weeks (we have a lot of ren faires in both May and October that involve travel, and October gets extremely busy for wings). Also shipping slows down during December. This is something we have no control over because it happens on the post office's end. We build all orders in the order they come in unless an item is being rushed, so please let us know if you need your order by a specific date so we may adjust the que accordingly.

During May, October and December we will publish a shipping estimate calendar in our announcements. This will include cut off dates for orders that we can guarantee by Halloween and Christmas. Please remember, we are a small business (there are only three of us) and everything is made by hand. We determine the cut off dates for these holidays based off prior year sales, shipping times and by our current order queue. The calendar will include dates for ready to ship and custom both with regular shipping and rush. We highly suggest ordering custom wings early for Halloween. We have been receiving orders for Halloween since April and the cut off for custom wings without rush shipping could be as early as the end of September this year.

No items are shipped until payment is received and no refund will be issued if an item is late due to delayed payment. If you need it by a specific date we recommend rush shipping. We make orders in the order they were placed generally, but include the date you need the order by in case we can shuffle the queue some. We will not pay the additional cost of expediting an order if rush shipping is not requested. If you would like to add rush shipping please add it to the sellers notes or convo us and we will send you an invoice for the additional shipping.

Shipping insurance and delivery confirmation can be added on request. Delivery confirmation is not available for international orders, unfortunately. We will convo you when an order has been shipped out.

Pick-up and delivery are available for local customers within the Wasatch Valley. Delivery fee will depend on distance (we are out of Ogden) and will be between $5 and $10. Pick-up is free and can be from our home studio, or during an event we are at (such as the Utah Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Festival in early May or the Ogden 25th Farmers Market on Saturdays July through early October).

We get the question of why our shipping is so high for our wings a lot. Understandable. The answer is the postage for items that size is high. For any of our wings take the dimensions and add an inch for the height and length and use a 1.5" width. This is the size of the box we must use. The boxes are custom made, and while this might sound like it adds more (and it does in the packaging portion of the shipping cost) it greatly reduced what the postage cost with off the shelf boxes and actually lowered the overall shipping charge. We have shipping amounts for our most frequent countries set up and will create a custom listing for our international customers who's country isn't currently listed (we do refund excess shipping for these if the amount is over $1).

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Full refunds are only available on lost or damaged items. The post office will not declare a package lost until 21 days have passed.

Exchanges and returns for a refund (minus the cost of shipping) are allowed within a reasonable amount of time and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Additional information

We love custom orders, and are by no means limited to the designs currently listed in the shop.

We are also open to trade, consignment and wholesale offers on a case by case basis. Please be aware that our busiest times of year are late April thru mid May and late September to the end of December, so this may effect our ability to do these during those times (there are only three of us and things really get hopping at those times).

We accept PayPal only at this time for customers outside of Utah. We do accept checks, cash and money orders from local customers who have opted for delivery or pick-up in lieu of shipping.

Payment at time of order is preferred. We will contact buyers on unpaid orders 3 times (once by convo and twice by e-mail) and if no word has come back from you after 10 days we will cancel any unpaid order and relist the item (this includes custom orders that have been completed and can be sold).

Please be aware that e-checks on PayPal can take up to 5 days to process.

No item will be shipped until payment is received. We start work on all custom or made to order items when they are ordered even if payment is going to be delayed to ensure it reaches you as soon as possible.

Due to the cost of making custom creations there are two circumstances in which we require a down payment. First is any custom order more than (not including shipping) $100 will need to pay a 25% down payment (again this percentage is based off the price minus the shipping). This is so we may get the supplied required as quickly as possible and begin work on the piece as quickly as possible. This is only applicable to custom orders. Any customer with a non-paying customer feedback will be required to pay a down payment covering the cost of materials before work on the piece will begin. We understand that on custom orders many prefer to see the completed piece before paying and we apologize for the inconvenience of this, but have recently had to cancel orders due to non-payment and have lost the cost of supplies not to mention the time to make the items. However, as stated this policy only applied to those who have a non-payment feedback on record. We understand that the non-payment may have been due to unexpected circumstances and hope those with such feedback will understand why we require the down payment.

Please make sure that your payment has cleared. We will wait a couple days before contacting you about non-payment (this is because some times e-checks take 3-5 business days to clear via PayPal and there is no sense nagging anyone over payment when it is PayPal taking their time :) ).

We do accept payment plans on any order over $50 total. As stated before we will not ship until full payment is received.

We do accept trades, however if you do not have something we need or our build schedule is too full do not be offended if we do not accept at the time.

Reality is for people with no imagination!

This Friday and Saturday we will be at South Ogden Days, in South Ogden, UT. For more info check out

We adore custom orders, so if you see something you like but it's not absolutely perfect send us a convo and we can make it just as you want it.

Also check out our wing shop where we sell our handmade, high quality costume wings.

If you want to know more of what we are doing check out our blog where we share works in progress, events, feature other artists and the occasional tutorial.