There are two of us creating all this chaos and another trying to keep that chaos under control. Between our henna tattooing across the Wasatch Valley and our fanciful creations on here. Whether it be jewelry or body art, play things or fairy wings we try to find whimsy and fantasy in everything we make. It's mainly to keep our sanity from our very dull day jobs. Of course when you see how much glitter is loose in our homes you may question the sanity thing.

We started with the henna in 2008. Our booth was just two folding chairs and a bity table under a tree at the Ogden Farmers Market. From there we expanded to costume wings, origami boxes, face painting, jewelry, glitter tattoos, and handmade toys. We try to bring a little magic into our everyday and share that through the things we make. Many of our items are inspired by the joy our kids take from them and our own off the wall personalities. The rest came from stumbling upon materials we thought were awesome and the need to make something that others would buy so we could make more stuff out of it.

Mother of a gaming rogue in training (and expecting another yay!).

Mother of a young zombie hunter.

Mother of a Jedi in training and a little princess.

Reality is for people with no imagination!

This Friday and Saturday we will be at South Ogden Days, in South Ogden, UT. For more info check out

We adore custom orders, so if you see something you like but it's not absolutely perfect send us a convo and we can make it just as you want it.

Also check out our wing shop where we sell our handmade, high quality costume wings.

If you want to know more of what we are doing check out our blog where we share works in progress, events, feature other artists and the occasional tutorial.